Time does fly I guess!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in a month, I been trying to stay busy I had some very upsetting news that broke my heart, so I been trying to finish up some WIP, and made 2 more infant capes and booties to match. I spend some time trying to catch up on posts lot of nice work going on out there. Here’s some photos of some of what I been up too. Sherry 🙂 Instead of normal tarsals, I made little stuffed hearts for the back of the hood & for the ties.


Crocheted blanket I been working on, now I just need to put it together and trim it, its 5 panels and when its put together will 56×60, so it is a large one a wedding gift for my nephew & his bride.


I finished this “rag-gran”  for one of my granddaughter’s it’s 54×54, I still need to iron out the ends again and finish up the 2 pillows for it.


I’m also putting together a boys blue toddler sweater for another sister’s great-grandson. It sure is a nice feeling to complete things, think I will try to work on just one thing at a time for a while instead of 4-5 or more, Lol 🙂 I never done that before!

Finished these two also

Here’s a pic of a blue baby blanket my daughter asked me to make for a friend of her’s and a infant cocoon I call Cotton Candy for another one of her friends. WIP 006

WIP 007

The motif on the blanket is one of eight I finished, its for shrug I’m working on if I change it to a shawl.

Finishing up WIP projects

I finished the mint cape for my sister, as you see its a little different  than the white one I decided to add  a few more stitches so I could do adcfp to the cape and used a sparkle mint for the edging, and instead of the pompom’s or tassels I made little hearts for the end of the ties and back of the hood. ImageI

What I found

grandma's thread skeins

grandma’s thread skeins

Many hours and Ziplocs’ 202 exactly and 7 different Co., the sorting is now done not sure if your interested but I’m going to share anyhow I love old things and when they are a part of my family I treasure them. While sorting through all those skeins I found 67 skeins that belonged to my grandma that my mama kept wrapped in tissue paper, she was 86 when she passed back in 1981, Some are from J.P. Clark one even had their 9 yard skein patent day printed on it “Wed. Dec. 27, 1921.”One from DMC was made in France it was the Mouline special containing 8 met. 8.7yds from back in 20’s, another one is from Galaxy selling for 27cents. One came from Germany from a company named Madeira not sure how far it dates back hard to read the faded lettering. Another co. is Bucilla they were just reg. their U.S. patent, one of the their other skein’s not only states it’s made in the U.S.A. but also tells you to its boil proof ( I noticed most of the skeins stated boil proof on the labels) and to “launder  in Ivory Soap Flakes” and use a moderately hot iron. The American Thread Co. sold “Star Six Stand” for 5 cents, I don’t have the label with the Co. name but the skeins say boilfast on them one still has a 5 cent tag on it very worn but you can still make out the in U.S.A. on it, another one say 3/10 cents on it and the made in U.S.A.


I can’t believe I woke up to snow this morning! Its suppose to be spring how depressing to see, but the sun did come out and sent it away hopefully till winter returns, I’m so ready for warm weather, rain showers, green grass and flowers, Please Mother Nature send us spring!
I haven’t done much today so I’m thinking of working on the mint green snowflake cape for my sister’s great-granddaughter due in June, I’m halfway done with it, it’s looking real nice.
I did go though some blogs to so many projects going on out there and they all are looking really great such talent.

Trying to learn to blog

Snowflake Cape

Snowflake Cape

I’m new to this blogging business, so no creative works done today, but I did get this beautiful Snowflake Cape infant to 3 months, designed by Lillian Rather, made and sent out to my dear sister Peggy for her first new great-granddaughter born April 3, I’m working on a second one in soft mint for her next one due in June and one more after that for her 3rd. one not sure of the color yet, it  really was a was a cold fall & winter I’m not just guessing it WI. did have a bad one Ky. must have too, lol!!! I love you sis!!! here’s a pic of it!