Time does fly I guess!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in a month, I been trying to stay busy I had some very upsetting news that broke my heart, so I been trying to finish up some WIP, and made 2 more infant capes and booties to match. I spend some time trying to catch up on posts lot of nice work going on out there. Here’s some photos of some of what I been up too. Sherry 🙂 Instead of normal tarsals, I made little stuffed hearts for the back of the hood & for the ties.


Crocheted blanket I been working on, now I just need to put it together and trim it, its 5 panels and when its put together will 56×60, so it is a large one a wedding gift for my nephew & his bride.


I finished this “rag-gran”  for one of my granddaughter’s it’s 54×54, I still need to iron out the ends again and finish up the 2 pillows for it.


I’m also putting together a boys blue toddler sweater for another sister’s great-grandson. It sure is a nice feeling to complete things, think I will try to work on just one thing at a time for a while instead of 4-5 or more, Lol 🙂 I never done that before!


5 thoughts on “Time does fly I guess!

    • Hi and thank you I based it on a pattern in a Homearts publication from 2007, they call it “Fall Rag Throw” if you like I can write out the pattern its real easy to make.

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