My Mama’s Embroidery Thread

My Mama's  Embroidery Thread

Trying to sort through it
I’m trying to sort and catalog all these by color and brand, in for a big job as you can see, sorry about the mess but couldn’t get anyone to take the recycle out in our thunderstorms here in Milwaukee today!


Trying to learn to blog

Snowflake Cape

Snowflake Cape

I’m new to this blogging business, so no creative works done today, but I did get this beautiful Snowflake Cape infant to 3 months, designed by Lillian Rather, made and sent out to my dear sister Peggy for her first new great-granddaughter born April 3, I’m working on a second one in soft mint for her next one due in June and one more after that for her 3rd. one not sure of the color yet, it  really was a was a cold fall & winter I’m not just guessing it WI. did have a bad one Ky. must have too, lol!!! I love you sis!!! here’s a pic of it!